Monday, June 11, 2018

Learn To Say Yes

Never hold on to your sorrow
For you donot know what lies before you tomorrow

A beautiful thought which crossed my mind today while i sat in my comforter looking out of the window on the pouring rain.
It is a beautiful feeling when you have been through struggles, been independent and appreciate the little things which life challenges you with. You know what matters to you the most and what doesn't. You know what relationships you need to invest on and which ones are just to be enjoyed in the moment and forgotten.

Image result for saying yes quotesThe people who have come into and gone from your life. The experiences which you want to capture and keep with you forever to remind you of how beautiful your life has become after they came into your life.
Life gives you opportunities to be with yourself and understand yourself better. Take those chances and live them. You never know what you end up discovering about yourself.
You will outgrow the materialistic pleasures of life and learn to let go of the baggage of the past. You shall be free and enjoy and would be ready to take every opportunity which comes your way.
Learn to say Yes and start fighting if it's tough or enjoying if it is your thing. You will never know if it is what you are cut out for unless you say a Yes.

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